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10/11/2017: Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal, Surprising Military

President Donald Trump said he wanted what amounted to a nearly tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during a gathering this past summer of the nation’s highest ranking national security leaders, according to three officials who were in the room.

Trump’s comments, the officials said, came in response to a briefing slide he was shown that charted the steady reduction of U.S. nuclear weapons since the late 1960s. Trump indicated he wanted a bigger stockpile, not the bottom position on that downward-sloping curve.

10/4/2017: Tillerson’s Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on the verge of resigning this past summer amid mounting policy disputes and clashes with the White House, according to multiple senior administration officials who were aware of the situation at the time.

8/16/2017: Growing sense of moral imperative to primary Trump

NEW: Sources close to @JohnKasich tell me, after Charlottesville, there is growing sense of “moral imperative” to primary Trump in 2020.

1/15/2017: Trump won’t use POTUS Twitter account

Transition sources tell me @realDonaldTrump intends to keep using his own account as president, not switching to @potus himself

8/17/2016: After Campaign Shake-Up, It’s Trump Versus the World

In some ways Lewandowski and his more permissive advice never left: Trump still talks to him daily, according to four sources.

7/15/2016: Trump Wavered on Pence Pick After News Leaked

Sources told NBC News Friday that Donald Trump was stressed over the circumstances surrounding his choice for running mate even after news of the pick leaked. While in California, separated from family and most aides, Trump worked the phones late into the evening Thursday soliciting advice and sharing his concerns. Sources familiar with the calls said Trump conveyed that he felt “backed into a corner.” Another description suggested that Trump was talking it out, but knew that he could not and would not choose a different running mate.

6/16/2016: Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen and Wife Exchanged Texts During Rampage

The gunman who killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub Sunday sent a text message to his wife during the rampage, asking “do you see what’s happening?” a source close to the family told NBC News Thursday.

3/19/14U.S. Officials Deny Holding Back on Missing Jet

U.S. defense and intelligence officials strongly denied reports the United States is withholding or refusing to share any information or data with the Malaysian government regarding the missing Malaysian airliner.”

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