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5/16/2016: New York Times In ‘Final Stage’ Of Selecting Next Public Editor

Details of the selection process, led by standards editor Phil Corbett, have been closely held within the Times. A spokeswoman for the paper told The Huffington Post that the Times is in the “final stage” of its search, but declined to comment on the number of candidates in the mix.

Veteran journalists Debra Adams Simmons and Elizabeth Spayd are among those still being considered, sources familiar with the process told HuffPost.

11/14/2015: The New York Times Fires Two Veteran Editors

The two longtime editors played key roles in the print operation, which is currently being reorganized. Though the re-tooling of the print side may account for their positions being cut, management did not explain the decision to staffers Thursday, according to newsroom sources. Management’s handling of the situation was out of character for The Times, sources said.

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