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8/6/2016: Nissan In Talks With Panasonic, Others to Sell Battery Operations

Nissan Motor Co is in talks with Panasonic Corp and overseas companies, including Chinese firms, over the possible sale of its controlling stake in a car battery manufacturing venture, sources said.

Two people with knowledge of the matter said on Saturday that the Japanese automaker wants to sell its 51% stake in Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, which makes lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The company is jointly owned by NEC Corp.

3/24/2016: Snapchat Buys Bitmoji Maker

Snapchat has agreed to acquire Bitstrips, the Toronto-based maker of personalized emojis known as bitmojis, Fortune has learned from multiple sources.

One of the sources says that the deal is valued “in the ballpark” of $100 million, via a mix of cash and stock.

3/19/15: How Goldman Sachs does SXSW

Off the record, he told me, Goldman threw the party for some fluffy non-answer reason I cannot write because I agreed to talk off the record. “What’s the on-the-record answer?” I asked. “We never go on the record,” he said.

Status: Unverified (obviously)
Several anonymous sources in this story: bankerly types, a venture investor, and one party-goer.