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6/9/2016: Here’s more evidence that Snapchat is working on a secret hardware product

A source familiar with the matter tells Business Insider that the company is “serious” about making a hardware play, though the person would not share details about the specific product.

4/18/2016: The Apple Car is reportedly being developed in a secret Berlin lab

Apple could be developing the Apple Car in a secret Berlin lab, according to a report from Frankfurter Allgemeine.

The German publication said on Monday that it had “learned from informed sources that Apple is running a secret laboratory for the development of an automobile — and this in the middle of Berlin.” The laboratory is reportedly home to 15 to 20 staff with backgrounds in engineering, software, hardware, and sales.

4/2/2016: The inside story of how Amazon created Echo, the next billion-dollar business no one saw coming

The average latency of existing voice-recognition technology at the time was around 2.5 to three seconds, so the Echo team initially set the goal at two seconds, according to an early team member.

1/13/2016: The most important day of the year on Wall Street is near

It looks as if the first couple of banks will announce bonus numbers this week.

All the details below are from people with knowledge of the schedules at the banks.

8/16/2015: There’s an internal joke at Google that sums up the company’s big change

“The internal joke within [Google] was if you’re not moving your desk every six months, something was very wrong with the company,” this ex-employee who requested to remain anonymous said in an interview with Business Insider.

Status: Unverified

7/8/2015: Twitter’s revenue boss Adam Bain is the board’s top candidate for next CEO

Twitter’s board is leaning towards picking an insider to be the company’s next CEO, and the company’s revenue boss Adam Bain is under more serious consideration than anyone on the very short list of outsiders, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Bain is the “number one candidate that the board is focused on right now,” this person said. “It’s Bain’s to accept or reject.”

Status: Unverified

6/14/2015: Jack Dorsey is the only person who can be Twitter’s next CEO

One former executive at Square who knows Dorsey well thinks he will never leave Square, and believes he’d like to run both companies. “It wouldn’t be easy, but he could do it.” He thinks the desire is there, and this is a trial run to see how well both companies do under his leadership.

Status: Unverified

5/15/2015: Hulu picks up Fox’s canceled ‘Mindy Project’

One individual with knowledge of the situation told BI, “The show is creatively vibrant and has a passionate, upscale, loyal audience, and it is a top performer on Hulu. So, this makes a lot of sense.”

Status: Unverified

5/6/2015: Google has a secret ‘bench’ program that keeps executives at the company even when they’re not leading anything

[Brian] McClendon is a “towering figure” within Google but is “on the bench” as he figures out his next move, people close to the company say, though it is unclear whether he will start a new project at Google or leave the company entirely.

Many unnamed sources in this story. In order of appearance:
1. people close to the company
2. one former Google executive
3. sources
4. the former Google executive
5. the former Googler
6. another former Google employee
7. another source
8. people with knowledge of the matter
9. another former Google manager
10. the person
11. another former Google employee
12. the person
13. the former Google executive
14. the person

Status: Unverified

5/3/2015: Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook are at war over the future of news

Noto was likely trying to direct message Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. And the company he was interested in buying was, tech industry sources tell Business Insider. is a media start-up that’s received more than $10 million in financing to become the publication of choice for millennials. The sources say Twitter made a loose verbal offer to buy the start-up late last year and that a dollar amount nearing $90 million was discussed. But Mic wasn’t interested, and the brief talks never went any further.

Status: Unverified

5/1/2015: Twitter is in talks to buy mobile news app Circa

Twitter is in serious acquisition talks with mobile news app Circa, sources with knowledge of the discussions told Business Insider.

Status: Unverified

4/9/2015: Hillary Clinton will announce her 2016 campaign this weekend

A source with knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s plans has confirmed that she will officially announce her 2016 presidential bid on Saturday or Sunday. This will be imminently followed by campaign travel.

Status: Verified

3/9/2015: Twitter quietly bought a video startup that hasn’t launched yet, Periscope

Last month, Twitter acquired a startup that hasn’t launched yet, Periscope, which is building an app for streaming video from your phone.

A source familiar with the deal confirmed the acquisition to Business Insider but declined to say the size or makeup of the deal (cash versus stock, or some combination of the two). This person says the deal has been 100% closed for weeks. One investor source says the acquisition amount was “sizeable,” above $50 million. Another says it fell between $75 and $100 million. A third says the deal was “small-ish.” Size is all relative, we guess.

Status: Partially verified: We know Twitter bought Periscope, but we don’t know the price.