About “Sources Say”

This site was inspired by Margaret Sullivan, who wrote about tracking anonymous sourcing here: ‘AnonyWatch’: Tracking Nameless Quotations in The Times (Mar 2014).

Sullivan wrote about how insidious the practice of anonymous sourcing is and how much the public despises it (Oct 2013):

ERIC Schmitt remembers being surprised when, as a member of a Times newsroom committee on reporting practices, he was given information about what bothered readers of The Times most. It wasn’t political bias, or factual errors, or delivery problems.

“The No. 1 complaint, far and away, was anonymous sources,” Mr. Schmitt, a longtime and well-respected national security reporter in the Washington bureau, told me last week. “It goes to the heart of our credibility.”

Sullivan has also written about how anonymous sourcing works for The Washington Post (Dec 2017).

Sources Say was created by Anthony De Rosa.

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